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Atlas 9OHSC (SS) Overhead 9,000 lbs. Capacity 2 Post Lift

  • Atlas 9OHSC (SS) Overhead 9,000 lbs. Capacity 2 Post Lift
  • Atlas 9OHSC 2 Post Lift
  • Atlas 9OHSC 2 Post Lift dimensions
  • Atlas 9OHSC 2 Post Lift dimensions
  • Image 5
  • Atlas 9OHSC 2 Post Lift dimensions
  • Image 7
  • Atlas 9OHSC 2 Post Lift dimensions
  • Image 9
  • Atlas 9OHSC 2 Post Lift Parts
  • Image 11
  • Atlas 9OHSC 2 Post Lift dimensions
  • Atlas 9OHSC 2 Post Lift Parts
  • Atlas 9OHSC 2 Post Lift dimensions
  • Image 15
  • Atlas 9OHSC 2 Post Lift Parts
  • Atlas 9OHSC 2 Post Lift dimensions
  • Atlas 9OHSC 2 Post Lift Parts
  • Atlas 9OHSC 2 Post Lift Parts
  • Atlas 9OHSC 2 Post Lift Parts
  • Image 21
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Atlas Automotive Equipment of Canada strives to ensure that stock is available in our Vaughan, ON and Calgary, AB warehouses. In the unlikely event that the product is out of stock, transfer fees may apply.
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Product Details

The Atlas 9OHSC two post above ground lift is the perfect choice for those smaller commercial repair facilities or The Mr. Homeowner who demands the highest quality at the absolute best price. The Atlas 9OHSC is a TRUE 9,000 lb. capacity two post lift that offers a great value to the customer. The Atlas 9OHSC is engineered and manufactured to lift vehicles ranging from Smart Cars ® to a Suburban ®.

The Atlas 9OHSC has single piece columns and extra long carriages to ensure years of trouble free service. The single piece columns require the customer to have a ceiling of at least 12 feet to stand up the column.

A single piece column coupled with the longer carriage offers unparalleled structural support for your types of lifting requirements.

The Atlas 9OHSC has single point lock release and chain-over-roller configuration. The Atlas 9OHSC has a low pad height to accommodate low riding vehicles. The Atlas 9OHSC has symmetrical arm configuration.

Benefits Of Our Atlas 9OHSC Overhead Two-Post 9000lb Capacity Carlift
Chain-Over-Roller Cylinder Configuration
The Atlas 9OHSC has the chain-over-roller cylinder configuration. This above ground lift model that incorporate both the direct drive cylinder configuration and the chain-over-roller cylinder configuration.The base plate two post above ground lift implements the chain-over-roller configuration. This is the only hydraulic cylinder system that is possible in the base plate lift. The base plate two post above ground is designed for “low ceilings”. The direct drive hydraulic cylinder configuration cannot be used in the base plate lift because the hydraulic cylinder would extend above the 9’ 3” column when the lift arms were raised to the maximum height.The “overhead” two post above ground lift may incorporate either the direct drive hydraulic cylinder or the chain-over-roller hydraulic cylinder.Includes Three Piece Truck Adapter Set
The included truck adapters add even more lifting height to the Atlas 9OHSC. The Atlas 9OHSC comes with a three piece truck adapter which offers many more lift height combinations than standard two piece truck adapter sets.Single Point Lock Release
The Atlas 9OHSC has single point release which makes it easy for the operator to unlock both column locks from one column.Overhead Bar Configuration
The overhead bar configuration of the Atlas 9OHSC leaves the area between the columns open, and allows the operator to easily roll a transmission jack or a tool box under the car.Symmetric Columns
The symmetric column design provides a very wide drive through area to accommodate dual wheel pickups.Single Piece Columns And Extra Long Carriages
The Atlas 9OHSC incorporates a single piece 11’ 10” formed column and an extra long carriage that provides maximum column and arm strength to lift and support a 9,000 lb. vehicle.Rubber Covers
Rubber covers on the carriages help to prevent door damage.Padded Automatic Shut-Off Bar
The padded shut-off bar located below the cross beam prevents the top of the vehicle from being damaged by hitting the cross beam. The padded bar, when contacted, automatically shuts off the motor on the power unit to prevent the vehicle from being lifted.Packaging
The Atlas 9OHSC cannot be hauled in the back of a pickup truck. The single piece columns are almost 12 feet long. Please bring a trailer or a long bed roll back truck when you pick up the Atlas 9OHSC from the warehouse or shipping terminal.Electrical Requirement The electric motor for the power unit requires 220 Volt (single phase) 60 Hz. We recommend using at least a 10 gauge (grounded) wire from the electrical panel. The power unit has a short pigtail (no plug) that can be wired to either a quick disconnect box (mounted on the lift column) or to a male/female plug combination. A 30 amp breaker is recommended.Installation Most of our above ground lift customers install their own car lifts. The average time to install the Atlas 9OHSC car lift is four hours. We provide detailed installation instructions with all our two post above ground lifts and our four post above ground lifts.Specifications**NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • 9,000 LB. Capacity
  • Super Symmetric Arms
  • Symmetric Columns
  • Atlas® Powder Coat Finish
  • "Padded" Shut-Off Bar
  • Clear Floor Design
  • Single Point Lock Release
  • Dual Hydraulic Chain-Drive Cylinders
  • Automatic Arm Restraints
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Free 12 Piece Truck Adapter Set
  • 5 Year Structural Warranty, 1 YearHydraulic Cylinder Warranty, and 1 Year Power Unit Warranty
  • Shipping Weight: 1,404 lbs.


Capacity 9,000 LB.
Lifting Time Ask Your Salesperson
Overall Height 142" (11' 10")
Padded Bar Height 135" (11' 3")
Overall Width 132" (11')
Outside Column to Outside Column 125 ½" (10' 5 ½")
Maximum Lift Height
(With Adapters)
81 ⅜" (6' 9 ⅜")
Maximum Lift Height
(Without Adapters)
70 ⅞" (5' 10 ⅞")
Minimum Arm Height 4 ¼"
Inside Column 109 ½" (9' 1 ½")
Column Size 8" x 9 ⅜"
Column Thickness of Steel 5mm
Carriage Thickness of Steel 5mm
Arms Thickness of Steel 6mm
Carriage Height 57 ½"
Drive Thru 100 ¾" (8' 4 ¾")
Base Of Lift 16 ¾" x 17 ¾"
Cable Diameter .375"
Motor/Electrical Requirement 3 HP, 220V +/- 5% (209-231volts) single (1) phase.
A 30 amp breaker is required.
Oil Requirement 3-5 Gallons AW32/AW46
Shipping Weight 1,404 LBS.
Requires a minimum of 4" of concrete with 3000 psi.

Product Videos

What is The Difference Between Symmetric Arms and Asymmetric Arms On a Two Post Lift?

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    What is The Di...

Warranty Information

Atlas Automotive Equipment of CANADA and some ALI certified Two Post and Four Post Vehicle Lifts weight capacity models 8,000 lbs. through 12,000 lbs. are warranted for (5) years on structural components and (1) year on hydraulic power units and cylinders from invoice date.


Complete Warranty and Legal Terms

All Atlas Automotive Equipment of CANADA products are warranted to the original owner only. Atlas Automotive Equipment of CANADA two and four post lifts are warranted for 5 years from invoice date on structural components (columns, arms, runways, and carriages) to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Non-structure items (cylinder, power unit and parts) are warranted for 1 year from invoice date. All other lifts and accessories are warranted for 1 year from invoice date on structural components, hydraulic power units, and cylinders. Atlas Automotive Equipment of CANADA shall replace those parts returned to the factory which prove upon inspection by Atlas Automotive Equipment of CANADA to be defective. Atlas Automotive Equipment of CANADA shall not pay for costs of ground transportation of said parts and/or no labor for replacement of said parts. Registration of the lift is required to receive the warranty coverage. This warranty shall not apply unless the product is installed, operated, used and maintained in accordance with Atlas Automotive Equipment of CANADA’s specifications set forth in the installation, operation and maintenance instructions. The remedies described are exclusive and in no event shall Atlas Automotive Equipment of CANADA or any sales agent be liable for any special, consequential or incidental damages of any kind including damages for breach of or delay in performance of the warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration of the vehicle lift is required to receive the warranty coverage.

This warranty does not apply to the following:

1. Normal wear and tear items such as cables, sheaves, sliders, plastic and rubber components.
2. Normal maintenance and adjustments as required by the owner’s manual.
3. Failure to follow installation and operation instructions or user neglect or abuse.
4. Damage caused by corrosion of any kind.
5. Damage to components incurred during transportation or unloading.
6. Damage caused by improper lifting or overloading.
7. Any lift that has been altered from the original design or improperly repaired.
8. Cosmetic defects or blemishes that do not interfere with functionality of the lift.

Knowing that each customer will have unique needs when receiving their product, we strive to offer shipping solutions for every customer regardless of their location.

Please contact our friendly customer service staff toll free at 1-866-284-8604 and they will be happy to assist you in finding the most convenient and cost effective options for you to receive your order.

Both shipping and pickup options are available.

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In an effort to offer our customers the highest quality products at the most competitive prices our business structure does not allow us to operate a showroom. Removing this expense is one of the many tactics we employ to ensure our customers continue to get the most cutting edge deals.

If you need clarity on specifications, product styles or if you would like more information than what we offer on our site be sure to contact us and one of our friendly customer service staff will be happy to assist you.

Read This Before Comparison Shopping!

There are a number of variables you should take into consderation when looking to make your first (or next) internet purchase. We share these thoughts with you so that you can have as much information as needed in order to make an informed decision before you place an order.

Contact Information

If you are to review out the contact us page of any internet retailer you can tell how accessible they will be after the purchase by the amount of contact information they provide. Would you feel comfortable purchasing an item off of a company who will only provide an email address? or perhaps they only list a PO Box as their physical location?

With todays technology there should be several means to contact any company or person. We strongly believe that our customers should be able to contact us VIA the means they feel most comfortable with. If you visit our contact us page you will see all the different manners in which we encourage you to get in touch with us. This includes a map to our office & warehouse location so that you can stop by and see us in person.

Think about this: most companies will be very quick and receptive to answer your questions on your first inquiry. Take some time, ask questions and even get in touch with them a couple times. If the reception to your inquiries become less and less as time passes you have to ask yourself what kind of service you will recieve after the sale!

Warehouse Locations

Many internet retailers claim to have multiple shipping locations throughout the country. Although this may ring true, chances are these shipping locations are owned and operated by their vendors and they are simply "drop shipping" the product to you. The claim of lower overhead to reduce your prices is reasonable as operating a warehouse with all the appropriate equipment and staff can be expensive; however, not having control over these operations means that the retailer (and in turn the purchaser) is now at the will of a an outside company. This means that should there be any issues with your order, shipping, warranty, parts, etc. it will become as simple as the blame game. And while that other, other company which you didn't know you were dealing with is now responsible for causing an issue, you are the one left dealing with the fallout.

A very large majority of the items we offer for sale are stocked and shipped from one of the warehouse OWNED & OPERATED by us. This allows us to control the flow of your order from start to finish. Combined with the many contact methods, this will allow you to have full transparency of your order starting with "is it in stock?" to "when will my shipment arrive?".

Product Sourcing

Do you ever wonder where the product you are purchasing actually comes from? We all do! Of course when asking someone this questions a lot of the time you get hesitation; possibly becuase they don't really know OR maybe they don't want you to know. How can you feel comfortable purchasing a item off of someone who might not even be comfortable selling it to you?

We work hand in hand with our manufacturers and the manufacturer's reps to ensure that the items we offer you are of the design, build quality and support structure that we have come to expect as consumers ourselves.

At Atlas Automotive Equipment of CANADA we don't think cheaper is always better. Although getting a good deal is at the top of every consumer's list (including ours) we will never sacrifice material quality or workmanship to simply get a cheaper price. Many times in the past we have worked with the manufacturer and been in the position to decide whether to make a change to an item and save money or leave it as is and pay a little extra. Although this decision sounds easy we always consider what the long term effect will be. Will the product perform as we advertise? Will the product perform as our customer's expect? Will safety become a consideration (even the slightest safety concern means a big NO CHANGE!)? and the list goes on and on.

We will never blindly purchase an item and put it into our product lineup without first doing our own research and development. Our goal is to build and promote Atlas Automotive Equipment as a worldwide brand for all home and commercial shops. This means providing only the highest quality products available at manufacturer direct prices. As long as we are offering an item for sale you can be sure that we have tested and retested it to be sure that it will meet the reliability and standards that each customer has come to expect of us.

Product Assembly & Setup

Selling automotive equipment we have found that most of our customers are mechanically minded and look forward to settting up and assembling their new purchase. Most items we offer can be setup and assembled by two people within a reasonable time frame. Before tackling this project here are a few tips that we think will make your life a little bit easier:

  • Review the manually fully before you begin setup. The manual should be included with your item but if you cannot locate it simply go to the product page on our website and download it for FREE. This manual has been put together and maintained over the years and will include all the tricks we have learned to make the assembly of your as seamless as possible
  • Don't like reading or don't need the manual? That's fine, but maybe take a minute and check out the videos we have posted on each of the product pages. We understand that some people have the ability to problem solve on their own but why not get the inside information so you can spend less time having to problem solve?
  • If you haven't already received your item, get an uderstanding of you will need to transport or unload it. Shop equipment like tire changers and wheel balancers are a dream to handle compared to car lifts. If you are assembling your car lift take time to plan our your install.
    • Start by making sure the install location and area(s) surrounding it are clean and clear making it easy for you to move around and manipulate the pieces.
    • Try to get the entire crate close to the install area without impeding it. There are some heavy pieces that need to be moved into place and the less you have to move them the better.
    • Disassemble the packaging and pieces and have a look through them to ensure all pieces are there and get an idea of what each item is. You are going to need them at one point and if you have someone holding a heavy item while you search out a bolt or hose it is going to be a long day!
    • If you are reading the manual, read 2-3 steps ahead of where you are at. We have heard time and time again how a customer has installed their lift to 90% only to find that a hose or cable needed to be put in place two steps earlier and now they have to essentially disassemble the lift only to put a small piece in place and then reassemble it.
  • Be sure to review the electrical requirements of the product your are purchasing. Some items are supplied in either 110V or 220V. Others are manufactured so you can just plug it in while some have a "pig tail" which means you will need an electrician to either hard wire it to your panel or install a plug
  • If you are assembling a car lift, you will need hydraulic fluid to make the lift work. PLEASE NOTE: we do not supply the hydraulic fluid for your lift. In general we recommend AW-32 hyraulic fluid for use in all of our car lifts (regardless of the type). A 5 gallon pale is typically more than enough and will usually leave you with a little extra
  • When filling your hydraulic fluid for the first time don't rush the process. Fill the resevior to 1/3 or 1/2 and then run the lift up and down. Get the air and kinks out and then, when the lift is in the lowest position, fill it to 2/3 or 3/4 and run the lift up and down again. DO NOT fill the resevoir past 1/3 or 1/2 when the lift is in the raised position as there is flud throughout the cyclinders and other components. We have heard many times that a customer has filled the resevoir full when the lift is in the raised position and the as soon as they begin lowering the lift the resevoir becomes overfilled and spills all over the shop. This is a huge mess to clean up.
  • Some hydraulic cylinders may be "air locked" from manufacturing which will not allow the piston to extend when pulled by hand. This does not mean the cyclinder is damaged, it is simply a result of the manufacturing process. To overcome this, start by ensuring that your feeder hoses to the cylinder are not connected (this would close the system and will not let air in or out). Using a ratchet strap or similar item, slowly put tension on the piston end and gently apply pressure trying to extend the piston out of the cylinder. Resistance will build up in the first couple inches of extending and then the "air lock" should break. You might get a little pop and the ratchet strap will loosen suddenly (hence the reason to apply pressure slowly) and now you should be able to extend and retract the piston by hand with little effort.

These tips are friendly suggestions from us and the years of experience we have gained working with these products. Although they don't apply to every product, every time we hope that you will take them at face value while still reviewing the other information (such as manuals and videos) we provide in regards to assembling and setting up your product. Your safety and satisfaction are our paramount concerns. If there are any questions or concerns throughout the assembly or operation process of your product please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wholesale Inquiries

Are you interested in reselling these items or making a wholesale purchase? For qualified individuals a wholesale program is available upon request. We have reasonable quantity requirements and will be happy to listen to your specific situation to allow us to build a program that is mutually beneficial. Please contact us VIA telephone 1-866-284-8604 or email customercare@atlasautoequipment.ca to submit your request.


We are happy to be able to offer a financing option as a new method of payment for your purchase.

Available through a Canadian based third party company, financing can be beneficial for many reasons:

  • You don't have to pay for the total price upfront
  • Depending on information provided there are reasonable or even zero"down payments"
  • Amortizing the purchase over a specified period allows you to make budgeted payments
  • Having budgeted payments allows you to recover the cost of the machine through revenue over an extended period
  • Reasonable interest rates
  • Various security options

Whether you just want to make smaller payments or prefer the financing method our third party finance company will work quickly to provide you with all options available.

Their friendly approach ensures that all customers looking to finance or just exploring the possibility will receive accurate information with no hidden fees, terms or tricks.

If you would like more information on financing please contact our Customer Care Team toll free at 866.284.8604 or VIA email customercare@atlasautoequipment.ca.

We also welcome you to contact our leasing partner directly to begin the pre-approval process or to address any of your questions.  

Click on the link below and you have access to a payment calculator and the ability to apply for financing online.